During the latest lockdown we are offering a delivery service to anyone who is isolating or otherwise concerned about visiting shops in person. We can deliver to Buxton and other surrounding areas and towns, using an electric vehicle. We can also offer an order and collect service where you can pick up your shopping in person from the door of the shop.

There is a minimum order value of £20 for free delivery, else a £5 delivery charge will be added.

A reminder of what we sell is online here.

Some of the prices are on the product listing page to help you work the correct quantity of the highest priced items we sell.

You can order dry goods in multiples of 100g or by bag size (some examples follow at the very end of this message if you choose the latter). You can order liquids in one litre bottles, but we have only a very small number of clean bottles to use, so delivery of these items is limited to the number of bottles we have left.

When you order by weight we will aim to be within 10% of the requested quantity. It takes considerable staff time to precisely weigh goods, so we hope this is an acceptable compromise.

To place your order email dayzeroorders@gmail.com and include your name, telephone number and full address. We’ll contact you with the price and BACS payment details and to let you know when your order will be delivered or ready for collection.

If you're collecting from the shop, our new opening times are Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm and Sun 11am-3:30pm. We're closed on Wednesdays.

You can also drop off a list and a bag of containers for us to fill to save packaging. Otherwise we'll pack using paper bags.

Thanks for your continued support

Mark and Holly

A bit of guidance to help with ordering by bag size

There are two bag sizes and you specify whole bags or fractions e.g. 1/3 of a big bag, 1/2 a small bag. To help you work out your shopping list here’s some guidance.

A full large bag holds
just over a kilo of flour or
about a kilo of porridge or muesli
800g pasta or
400g of corn flakes.

A full small bag would hold about 850g of sugar or dried fruit.

Half a small bag holds about 300g of dried fruit or nuts or 350g of the raw chocolate products.

A third of a small bag is about 200g nuts or seeds

For coffee, you'll get about 250-300g in half a small bag.
For tea, you'll get about 400g in a full small bag.

If you want to order herbs and spices, then just specify how many tablespoons of each you'd like.

This is how a completed order could look

2 large bags of organic porridge oats
1 small bag of jumbo oats
1 large bag of wholewheat penne
1/2 a small bag of soft brown sugar
small bag of gram flour
1/2 a small bag of blend 47 coffee beans
1/2 a large bag of sultanas
1/2 a small bag of prunes
5 tablespoons smoked paprika
1 tablespoon mixed herbs
Small bag of yorkshire blend tea


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