Get your DAy Zero discount loyalty card

We are rewarding customer loyalty with a scheme valid through the rest of 2020.

To give you more time to shop and to ensure Day Zero stays a relaxed and safe shopping experience, we're open for much longer (and on Wednesdays now too!).

MOn - FRi     10am - 6pm

Sat               10am - 5pm

And if you want to make a list or bring enough containers, you can check out the products we sell here

Download and print your card (doesn't matter what size you print it as), and bring it with you every time you shop in store.

You'll get one stamp for each £10 you spend. When you have 10 stamps, you'll receive a £10 voucher.

This loyalty card is valid from 24th August until 31st October 2020.

'Free' £10 vouchers will be valid between 1st November and 24th December 2020. The £10 voucher needs to be spent in one go and no change will be given.

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