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Buying Herbs and Spices

This is the first of a few mini blog posts that we're using to tell you about changes to the way we operate or the way you shop with us. This one covers a change to dispensing herbs and spices.

You'll still be able to buy lots of different herbs and spices from us and doing means you can always take just what you need.

When we re-open on 1st June though, you will not be able to bring your own herb & spice jars. This is an efficiency improvement for us as it takes most customers quite a long time to fill a standard sized spice jar. while we're restricting the number of customers in the shop, we have to remove some of the things that slow down the refill experience. So instead of filling your spice jars, you'll be using our small paper bags instead. We don't enjoy the thought of having to increase the number of bags that are used, but this is balanced against the fact that through this and the other measures we're taking, we'll be able to serve more customers a day than we can now.

So, to recap, when you're after a herb or spice, grab yourself one of our bigger spoons and a small bag. One level spoonful is enough to fill a spice jar, so it's really quick to put that much in a bag, much quicker than having to guide several teaspoonfuls into a tiny jar and try not to spill any while you're doing it.

We'll remind you about this change when you come in.


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