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Weighing Before You Shop?

Can you help us to reduce the amount of time you lovely customers spend weighing your containers?

Wherever possible, please now weigh your containers at home before you come. Doing it out of 'shop time' will benefit us, and thank you to those who have already realised this and started doing so voluntarily. And if you can't do it, no worries, but please then try to bring them along empty each time, so that after the first time you've weighed them, you never have to do it again.

Cleaning products are less of an issue, and tricky to bring along completely empty, so we're not asking you to empty those out. Carry on as normal with your liquids unless we tell you otherwise.

you have no need to rush around the shop, thinking that you're holding up other people in the queue, but you can make some small changes as we've been talking about this week. Those will help streamline things, and therefore make sure more of you get served.

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