Children's Hydrophil Bamboo Toothbrush - Blue

Children's Hydrophil Bamboo Toothbrush - Blue


Made from sustainable bamboo, this 'soft' bamboo toothbrush for children is the most ethical toothbrush we could find.

Hydrophil are water neutral and they have rigorous standards for maintaining workers' rights.


The bristles are plant based, from castor oil plants, but should be disposed of as a plastic, these won't degrade naturally nor compost. We'd like to be honest in our communication about this issue, as many companies are using claims about their toothbrushes which don't stand up under scrutiny. Hydrophil toothbrushes are, we believe, the best toothbrush on the market currently.



    • ethically, sustainable sourced bamboo
    • water neutral
    • supports a company who insist on high standards for workers and checks them every year

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