Eco Femme Travel Pouch

Eco Femme Travel Pouch


The eco-femme canvas pouch is ideal for carrying pads when you’re out and about. Keep a few folded pads in it so you have them just in case.


  • 12cm x 14cm
  • Block printed in blue and white pattern
  • Water resistant
  • Closes with a cotton string
  • This product is made with organic but non-certified cotton.
  • With every purchase you make a contribution to the Pad for Pad scheme


    Pad for Pad connects our customers and adolescent girls in India through the shared experience of menstruation, respect for our bodies, and love for the earth. When women and girls around the world choose to use our cloth pads, their purchase ensures that other girls, who might not otherwise be able to, get to access clean, alternative menstrual products and answers to their questions. It’s an idea we like to call ‘eco-sisterhood.’



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